Saturday, April 20, 2013

Picture Books

Books with lots of pictures and maps have always been a help to me in my tree climbing experience.  Any book with the word "Atlas" included in the title would catch my attention.  An "Atlas" of Roman Britain is such a book.

Of course, one of the authors having the surname JONES would certainly require my examination.  Over 270 maps, figures, plans, and site photographs help make this book a fun place to spend some time.

First published by Blackwell Publishers in 1990, it was reprinted by Oxbow Books in 2002.  It gives a lot of attention to the physical characteristics of Roman Britain including such things a mining, metallurgy, pottery and the growth of trade.  My interest in Celtic tribal society and the like was detailed in maps of the iron age settlements in Wales.  Maps, maps, and more kind of book.

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