Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Anglo-Saxons

Who were the Anglo-Saxons?  A questions that is often asked among those who are of Celtic origin.  The book by David Wilson is one general view of Anglo-Saxon culture as seen through the eyes of the archaeologist.

First published as a volume in the 'Ancient Peoples and Places' series in 1960, it was reprinted by Pelican books in 1971.   There are 38 figures [including the plans of Anglo-Saxon houses ] and 79 plates including one of my favorites "The Alfred Jewel" (plate 57).  [For the real jewel of Alfred The Great see my post titled "The Real Jewel of Alfred The Great" at on Saturday, Nov. 10th, 2012.]

For those who might have a bend to the shovel (archaeology as spelled by those Anglo-Saxons), this book is a good reference.  The contents include: 
                                                                             The Study of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology
                                                                             Historical Background and Pagan Burials
                                                                             Christian Antiquites
                                                                             The Life of the People
                                                                             Weapons and Warfare
                                                                             Anglo-Saxon Art

A good list indeed...but as shown above, first "hear no evil"...:-).

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