Thursday, January 30, 2014

England Under The Norman and Angevin Kings 1075-1225

Say what?  Angevin Kings?   England under Angevin Kings?  The Norman name is well known...but Angevin?

Well here it is.  A broader view of the early English world.  A book by Robert Bartlett entitled none other than "England Under The Norman and Angevin Kings 1075 - 1225".

According to Bartlett (p. 22), "The territorial realignment of the years 1150 - 4 was one of the most sudden and far-reaching ever to affect the political map of twelfth-century Europe."  England and the wider world is the theme under the Norman conquest and the rulers that were to follow. [William I to Henry III]

It is a hefty book, some 772 pages.  It serves well as a reference, but is easy reading on a variety of significant subjects that dealt with the world of what was to become England.  Chapter topics include:

 1. Political Patterns
 2. England and Beyond
 3. Lordship And Government
 4. The Aristorcracy
 5. Warfare
 6. The Rural Foundations
 7. Towns and Trade
 8. The Institutional Chruch
 9. Religious Life
10. Cultural Patterns
11. The Course of Life
12. Cosmologies

For the genealogist it deals with "Naming Patterns" (p. 535) during this period of English life.  A good topic for those who are tree climbing out these branches.

This text appears to be part of "The New Oxford History of England", Clarendon Press, Oxford,  first published 2000.  General Editor, J.M. Roberts.

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