Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Three Edwards

The period involving the three Edwards (1272 AD - 1377 AD) was a passive aggressive time for the family tree.  Edward I started thing off with his son Edward II being the first "Prince of Wales".  Edward III ended with a long reign (50 years) bringing a number of military activities to the pages of history.

This book by Costain, first published 1958, is a good, simple, overview of these folks. For Edward I, 19 short chapters are presented.  For Edward II, 11 chapters are written.  For Edward III, 20 chapters.

All "Plantagenets" they were.

A good overview this is.

Edward I, reign started 1272, lasted 35 years.
Edward II, reign started 1307, lasted 19 years.
Edward III, reign started 1327, lasted 50 years.

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