Friday, September 19, 2014

Jeanne D'Arc 1412 - 1431

Born the 6th of January 1412, and was burned as a heretic, May 30th, 1431, she was Canonised as a saint, May 16th, 1920.   "Saint Joan of Arc" she is most commonly called, or simply "Joan of Arc".  There is certainly much myth and legend  surrounding this individual.  The book by V. Sackville-West does much to help clear the mist.

The impression placed on the cover of my issue is shown above.  It was printed by the Country Life Press, Garden City, N.Y., 1936.  It shows an angle blowing a trumpet, and carrying a flag full of the fleurs-de-lis [symbol of France].  There is a sword angled across the knees.  The French symbol above the trumpet, above the sword...what a image.

Inside the book is a clearer imprint of this image.

It was in the context of "The Hundred Years' War" that finds Joan in the mist of history.  The author present a careful analysis of this figure in this context.  From the beginning to the end it is a story to be told and retold.  This book is a delight and a honest record of the literature of the time. [A detailed chronological table and bibliography it is.]  Come, blow the trumpet.

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