Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Pendulum Swing

Changes in one's cultural archetypes often become historical writing of later days.  Many times it is one side against another in tortuous displays of disagreement.   Meeting in the middle [compromise]  is resisted at all cost.  Back and forth it goes until one side captures the flag...then swish...away into the night it is retaken.    The restoration of Charles II is such an example.  The book by Antonia Fraser is the text.

The Civil War in Britain (1642 - 1651) brought one side to victory.   The Commonwealth...Oliver Cromwell and the like...swung the pendulum to one side, the restoration of Charles II swung the pendulum back.  [References to this period have been given in previous posts.]  For my ancestors, this swing in the pendulum brought them to Virginia.   Under British rule, Virginia experienced similar effects.  A major brick wall it was working through these events for my family tree.  The book by Fraser opened some of the windows.

First published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., NY, 1979, it was distributed by Random House.  Originally, it was published in Great Britain as King Charles II.

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