Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tracing Paper - A Resource

It has been recognized that folks learn best when they utilized their own particular learning skills.  Some folks learns by "seeing" (visual), some folks learn by "hearing" (auditory), and some folks learn by "feeling" (touch).  For those of us that learn best by touch (called kinesthetic learning), taking a pencil in hand is one method to aid this process.

Tracing paper gives the kinesthetic learner a way to grow their genealogy.  Making maps, charts, figures, and family trees can be quite an assistance in climbing out those genealogical branches.  The following figure shows the front of a tracing pad I am presently using.

There are all kinds available.  This particular pad is made by "Pacon Corporation" and available at Walmarts.  Using the two previous books shown on the last two post [Touring Britain, and the Guide Book to Wales],  I have been able to give my mind some understanding of the land and geography of my family tree.  Making maps can be such a help.

A "tracing pad" containing "tracing paper"...what a resource.

P.S.  You can read about how this can be done utilizing my blogs: The Brick Wall Protocol and The Jones Surname.  Also, the following figure is a tracing I made from one historic map showing the geographic location of "Both Maelors".   My JONES family was found using this term, and it was delightful to understand its location in relationship to my family's towns. [Oswestry, Whittington, Wrexham, etc.]

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