Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Celtic World

A heavy tome is it, both in content and weight.  The Celtic World edited by Miranda J. Green is not something you would want to carry around with you unless you had a particular question regarding the Celtic world.  Illustrations, tables, charts, graphs,  pictures, and all kinds of stuff about the Celtics. 

Twelve "Parts" (each essentially a topic) make up this resource.  It is written by multiple authors who provide their own expertise around the subjects present in each of the 12 parts.  The titles of these parts are:

Celtic Origins
Warriors and Warfare
Society and Social Life
Settlement and Environment
The Economy
Technology and Craftsmanship
The Art of The Celts
Pagan Celtic Religion
The Celts in Europe
On The Edge of The Western World
Celtic Britain Post AD 400
The Survival of The Celts

wow...what a list of subjects just waiting to be explored.  For the genealogist who has that Celtic gene, it is a must...:-).

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