Monday, April 28, 2014

Henry II

Gerald of Wales [see previous post] had a few things to say about Henry II.  It would seem that in 1184, Gerald was appointed "Court Chaplain" to old Henry, and served as a "liaison-officer" between the King and the Welsh princes that were in direct conflict with Henry.  The following reference (book) is about Henry II.

I present it here since it became a source of help during my own tree climbing experiences.  Gerald's connection to St. Asaph had opened a number of bridges to my family tree, and a better understanding of this historical period was my goal.  This book by W.L. Warren help place Wales into a historical context.  It seems that Scotland, Ireland, and Wales were undergoing a significant process of change.   This complex period for Wales was important to grasp for my own family tree. [A good section on Wales is pp. 153 - 169.]  Warren states:

"Henry II's relations with the leaders of the Welsh were marked for eighteen years by good sense and goodwill. Wales, both native and marcher, was an acknowledged dependency of the English Crown" (p.169)  Hum...wonder what the Welsh felt about this? [Conclusion based upon "oaths of homage in 1177 AD., p.169]

 A lengthy tome (693 pages), it is well written and referenced for those of us who like to see the documentation and sources.  Son of Matilda and Geoffrey Plantagenet, he was the first of the Plantagenet race.

My copy was first published 1973, by Butler & Tanner Ltd, Frome and London.  It was then published by Eyre Methuen, London.

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