Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Edward I

Throughout my years of tree climbing (53 years and counting), Edward I is perhaps the one figure that seems to have impacted Wales more than any other English monarch.   His life spanned from 1239 - 1307 AD.  Between the years 1276 and 1296, he built (or inspired the building) of roughly 17 castles in Wales.  Edward was obviously determined that his military activity in Wales would last a very long time.

This book by Michael Prestwick, is an expert analysis (manuscript sources given) of this period in the Middle Ages.  My copy is a bit smudged and a little worn since its publishing by Yale University Press 1997.  He remains a controversial figure, and even much hated by some folks. [William Wallace fans especially!]   He certainly had impute into the beginning of Parliament and its early development.  It was his conquest of Wales that was to effect my own family tree.

The book is 618 pages, and can be used as a reference source for primary documents.  It is also good reading if you like in depth knowledge of the culture and society which moved about during this period of time.

The book was first published in Great Britain in 1988 by Methuen London Ltd.  This edition was published by Yale University Press in 1997.

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