Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bosworth Field 1485

The dynastic conflicts between the families of York and Lancaster were ultimately decided on the 22nd August 1485.  Perhaps no other single battle has risen to the top from which Medieval England was transformed to Tudor England.

The Wordsworth Military Library published the book titled: "Bosworth Field & The Wars of The Roses", by A.L. Rowse.  [Cover shown above.]  The author states in his preface that history should be view as "...an important branch of literature."  A good read it is.

Of course, the Welsh were deeply involved in the advancement of the Tudor cause.  My own family history is interwoven here, and its story is wrapped among these pages of history.  [Owen Tudor had a little bit to say about all this Welshness.]

The book was first published in 1966, and republished in 1998.  A wonderful piece of literature it is.

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