Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Celtic Chromosome

The battle of Bosworth field would not have occurred if it were not for those Celtic chromosomes.  Owen ap Meredith ap Tudor was to pass his Y-chromosome down the line to a fellow named Edmund Tudor.  In turn, this Y-chromosome would be passed along to a fellow named Henry Tudor who started all these events leading to Bosworth field.  Henry VII he was to become.

The book shown above is a detailed account of the events surrounding this Celtic chromosome.  S.B. Chrimes was a Professor of History in the University of Wales, at University College, Cardiff.  Hum...a Welsh scholar writing about a Welsh Y-chromosome.  The University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, published this text in 1972.  The establishment of the "Tudor Dynasty" is the focus.

My own family tree intertwines among these branches, it being a Celtic chromosome.  Richard ap Howel of Mostyn, John Savage, and Rhys ap Thomas all played some role in these events.  What a deal!  These Celtic chromosomes were to continue among the branches.  Have a read.

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