Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Celtic Chromosome Continues

The political and cultural dynamics of the next Celtic chromosome were to change the course of English history.  The Welsh Y-chromosome passed down from Henry VII to Henry VIII can not be denied its place in history.  The following book by Neville Williams presents the story surrounding the court life of Henry VIII during his long and event filled reign.

Tree climbing [doing genealogy] during this period of English history, from the Welsh connections to this Y-chromosome, is certainly a challenge.  Many of my families connections to the Tudor court are involved in this process. [Many brick walls included here.]  An understanding of this convoluted  period of ones' family history is enjoyable.

First published in 1971 by the Macmillan Company, NY, it contains 48 pages of color plates and around 150 illustrations in black and white. [Love the color plates!]  Check it out.  A lot of Celtic chromosomes are involved here.

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