Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Age of Plunder

Social and economic factors play an important role among our ancestors.  Understanding these factors often help clear the branches as we climb out the family tree.  The early Tudor period  reflects many of the social and economic concerns that those of Welsh descent had to face and adjust.  The following book by W.G. Hoskins is a good source for understanding the social dynamics that were to play an important role.

Rural society and urban life was the norm for most of those living during this time.  Wealth was distributed along social roles and status.  Understanding this structure will help the genealogist expand their grasp of this transitional period in Welsh and English history.  Tables and figures present a host of information such as the distribution of the population in England 1524 - 1525, the distribution of wealth among certain counties, the leading trades, and for those from Wales, the annual prices of livestock between 1500 - to - 1558.

The book was published by Longman Group Limited 1976, NY.  It is an interesting find for those who's family crosses these paths.

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