Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Desperate Times

Desperate times frequently produces desperate actions.  These actions usually cause a cascade of desperate reactions.  Henry VIII was desperate to have a male heir.  His actions produced a host of activities that even today make one wonder how it was all possible.  One of these "reactions" has come to be called "The Pilgrimage of Grace". 

These events describe in the book written by Geoffrey Moorhouse, is a discussion of these events in a easy reading text.  Robert Aske was one of the key figures in leading this rebellion.  It was a reaction to some of the desperate actions taken by Henry VIII to dissolve the Monasteries.  My interest was related to my own family tree climbing, and trying to break through some of those genealogical "brick walls".  My JONES family became connected to the Aske family of Aughton.  This relationship was important in helping me sort through several of the branches of my family tree.  The record of these desperate times gave me an understanding of my own family history.

The book was first published in Great Britain 2002  The paper back edition, as shown above, was first published by Phoenix in 2003.  Little known to most folks, the book provides a door into the mind of the times which has been called "The Pilgrimage of Grace"...certainly desperate times.

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