Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Tudor Age

For more than a century, 1485 - 1603, the Tudor family reigned on the throne of England.  It certainly was "The Tudor Age".  Welsh connections to the first Henry Tudor places many of Welsh descent on some of the family tree branches.  Such is my own family. 

Understanding this time in an ancestor's life helps place the factors that played a dominate role in their existence.   Shirts, hats, hose, and all kinds of items are discussed in the book by Jasper Ridley titled:
"A Brief History of The Tudor Age". 

Some 344 pages [which some may not consider brief], present topics ranging from "The Tudor Family""Heretics and Traitors""The Houses", "Costume and Fashion", "Furniture and Food""Ships and Voyages"...and all kind of religious, political, and social stuff.  Some of my family would fall under "Heretics and Traitors", but hey, genealogy sets the historical records straight.

The book was first published by Constable and Co. Ltd, in 1998.  This paperback is published as "First Carroll & Graf edition, 2002".  A fun read for those who like to color their family history pages.

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