Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Power and Profit

The historical dynamics that surrounded our ancestors affected their daily lives.  It was often these influences that directed the family tree to branch out new ways, or keep the same course.  Very frequently "power" and "profit" would lead the way.

The dynamics of trade and the social changes this produced is presented by the text shown above.  Written by Peter Spufford, and published by Thames & Hudson in 2002, it is a study into the development and growth of "The Merchant".  It is a broad discussion involving central Europe.  The flow of raw materials to expensive manufactured goods is presented.  Lots of pictures and tables, the book gives a visual as well as a detailed story. 

The wool trade to cloth, is the main interest in my own tree climbing.  Wales through this time period had something to do with English cloth.  Start at the beginning of the book and enjoy... if you dare to understand where our present entrepreneurial world had its origins.  Perhaps it might help understand some of your own family tree branches.  It did mine.

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