Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Twilight Lords

From family to clans and chieftains, to tribal and feudal relationships, to regional and hereditary conflicts,  all were involved in the period surrounding Elizabeth I.  For those of us from Welsh descent, understanding these issues often help climb further out that family tree during this difficult period.  These issues are discussed in a very readable text called "The Twilight Lords".

It is presented as "An Irish Chronicle".  Many of Welsh descent filtered through the pages of this history representing both sides of the story. [Catholic vs Protestant, and English vs Irish]  Written by Richard Berleth, it presents the story of the destructive wars between England and Ireland between 1579 to 1601.  Maps and genealogies are many.  Published 1978 by Barnes & Noble, Inc. NY, it provides insights into the conflicts and families. 

For the genealogist, the historical context is a vital part of our ancestors existence.  Understanding this context will often break through those brick walls.  Throw in Ireland, and you have a deep well in which to draw.  This book provides one bucket. 

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