Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A New Beginning

The Tudor era ended 1603 with the death of Elizabeth I.  A new beginning it was with the Stuarts.  The Welsh line of descent was replaced with a Scottish line of descent, and a new millennium was turning its page in history. 

A Scottish king [James VI] was to become an English king [James I].  This historical context is discussed in the book by David Harris Willson, my copy of the paperback shown above.  First published in 1956, it was republished as an Oxford University paperback in 1967.  It contains 22 chapters [only 464 pages] as it interweaves the story of transition during this new millennium.  Context, context, and more context is presented.  Religious, political, and social issues are at a new beginning.

For those whose ancestors first came to the colonies [Virginia and Plymouth Companies and all that] it was certainly a new beginning for them.  This book is a foundation.

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