Friday, December 4, 2015

Outside The Box

We often carry with us a group of boxes that contain our views of the world.  Historical boxes also exist that place time and life events into fixed spaces.  The making of history is frequently placed here.  The book by Michael Reed looks outside the box.

The way man [in this case Britons] has shaped and occupied the space around them between 1550 - 1700.  The period covered occupies a central role in the process of change that has affected our ancestors.  Taking pictures from an archaeologist point of view, the period is presented around the changes that took place.  Understanding this period will help many genealogist to break down a few of their brick walls.  The land and its people, check the pulse in this "The Age of Exuberance".

First published in 1986 by Routledge & Kegan Paul plc, London, it includes 74 plates in ten chapters.  Chapter 8 titled "Landscapes of the mind" is my favorite.  You will have to pick your own reaching outside the box.

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