Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Plot

The struggle for the minds and hearts of individuals has been an activity since the beginning of time as we know it. [Present day included!]  Since Henry VIII separated the Church of England from the Papacy of Rome, this struggle continued as a major issue between the Catholics and Protestants of  the day.  During the reign of James I, a plot was designed to continue the struggle.

The Gunpowder Plot it has been named.  The book by Alan Haynes [cover shown above] is a comprehensive account of this exploit.  First published 1994 it gives a broad coverage of this topic.  My own Jones family was Catholic during this historical period, and were involved heart and soul in many of these struggles.  My many years of genealogical research involved exploring and trying to understand these issues as branches of my family tree were exposed.   The book shown above was very helpful.

Printed in Great Britain by WBC Limited, Bridgend, it is in both hard cover and paperback.  Struggling with my own brick walls, understanding this religious conflict helped get around a few.

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