Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An Apex

Religious, political, and economic differences continued to boil during the reign of the second Stuart, Charles I.  These disagreements came to an apex in what has come to be called the "English Civil War".  For my own Jones surname tree climbing, this period of English history was one of the hardest brick walls to show its face.  A number of issues had to be evaluated and sorted. Several references were helpful in getting through this difficult branch of my family tree, and the next several post will give these sources.  The first is:

A military history of England, Scotland, and Ireland it is.  Edited by John Kenyon and Jane Ohlmeyer [with nine other historians], and was published by Oxford University Press in 1998.  It gives a general overview of this conflict providing a needed "big picture" for those whose ancestors played a part.  The period covered is 1638 to 1660.  This arranges a context in which most of our families became involved.  For those with a military history bend, it is an excellent read.

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