Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another Angle

Archaeology is defined as the scientific study of material remains of past human life and activities.  Human life and much human activities certainly occurred during the period known as the English Civil War, and the book by Peter Harrington takes another angle to this history containing my own family tree.

 Various sites and landmarks involved during this conflict are presented from an archaeologist point of view expanding my own understanding of the conflict which at its end, brought my family to the colonies.  [ Harrington estimates more than 150 towns and 100 villages experienced some destruction. ]

First published 2004, the contents present archaeological findings involving towns, castles, strongpoints, battles, and many sites buried by time.  The material culture of war he describes in his last chapter.  Another way to understand the forces that impacted those family tree branches.

Published by B T Batsford, London.

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