Monday, August 8, 2016

The Lord Protector

Dynamic religious and political forces produced a variety of ideas and beliefs during the Civil War period in England.  Certain individuals took leadership roles during the many conflicts.  Depending on which side of the fence your beliefs resided, your view of these individuals might have dramatic differences.  Such is the case for Oliver Cromwell.  An accomplished leader or narrow minded traitor are thoughts which might occur simultaneously.

This book by Antonia Fraser presents a detailed view of this individual during this complex time in history.  Published 1973 by Random House, N.Y, it presents a lengthy chronology of his life and times.  This book offers the reader a grasp of one side of the conflict deep in Puritan beliefs and concepts of the day.  It is a helpful resource for the genealogist who wishes to sort through the forces which occupied the lives of our ancestors involved in these conflicts.  [My copy shown above is 774 pages and might be more a reference than easy read.]

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