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In 1606, England's claim to the vast new territories just north of Spanish Florida rested upon the many voyages taken between 1497 and 1596 under the flag of St. George.   Trying to discover a way to Marco Polo's "Cathy", they headed northeast and northwest above the 35th parallel.  Trying to finally collect the financial and political will, a fellow named Richard Hakluyt in 1600 published his third volume of these explorations which laid the foundation for the Virginia Company.  The following reference contains a selection of the three volumes published between 1598 - 1600.

Selected and edited by Irwin R. Blacker, this reference was published 1965 by the Viking Press, Inc., NY.  A good reference for those who like to dig a little deeper into this history.  The selections  begins with "The Letters Patents" to John Cabot 1497 down to "A briefe and true report of the Honorable voyage unto Cadiz, 1596...". [ A total of 49 documents are given.] 

For those who like history the first edition cover of Hakluyt's volume is shown:

What a deal!  I love it. [Above taken from William and Mary Quarterly , 3rd series, Vol. 12, 1955, p.453.]

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