Thursday, June 22, 2017

Halls of Existence

Our ancestors operated within a context of existence.  For that matter, we all do.  As genealogist interested in documenting this experience for our ancestors, we often need to understand the moral principles that helped them organize, interpret, and explain their daily lives.  The Judao-Christian ethos is one major factor that played such an important role for those of Welsh descent.  From the earliest days of Celtic Christianity [ca. 597 AD led by Augustine of Canterbury] to the monasteries founded by various religious groups among the isolated mountains and valleys of Wales [mostly Cistercians], this belief system operated in the hearts and minds of this existence.  The following book by Colin Platt, provides a view of the results of this belief system.

First published in 1984, it was reprinted by Barnes & Noble, Inc. in 1996.  Illustrations abound [love pictures], and a broad view of the many Abbeys and Priories that were built as a result of this belief system are presented.  A helpful reference to all genealogist who seek their ancestors among these halls of existence.

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