Thursday, July 20, 2017

Parish Churches

English parish churches were the center of community life for many of our ancestors. Reaching back in time, understanding the story which surrounded each, will often expand our appreciation of this aspect of our families' history.  The book edited by John Betjeman will provide the American genealogist with such a reference.

Of course it is titled "An American,s Guide To English Parish Churches".  Over 4,000 churches organized by the counties of England and the Isle of Man.  It was published 1958, and printed in Great Britain by Collins Clear-Type Press : London and Glasgow.  There are 66 selected photographs, along with a brief description of the name, which Saint it is dedicated, and recognized structural significance.  How neat is this!  The ancient parish registers listed in the book by Arthur Meredyth Burke [a previous post] can take on a new life when combined with this text. 

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