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From 1492, the western nations of the world began their "name it and claim it" enterprises.  Religious beliefs were accepted, and served as a major driving force to those adventurers seeking their claim to fame.  [Either in Heaven or on Earth.]

In 1493, the head of this driving force [Alexander VI] could arrange "all lands" to those nations already leading this new exploration. [Spain and Portugal]  Of course, those left out in the cold were to express different opinions regarding the "name" and the "claim" of this new world. 

As time progressed, the Religious beliefs fragmented along the lines of what became called "Protestants" and "Catholics".   It was the "Tudor" age that was to make the most of these differences, changing the Catholic world in England, and beginning an all out war between the nations, and people, that followed each belief system.  It was this division that came to my attention as I climbed my own family tree.  For, my family was "Catholic" in a "Protestant" world.  This produced a great deal of issues for all involved.  The following book discusses some of these factors in the reign of Elizabeth I.

It is titled "Danger to Elizabeth" and is written by Alison Plowden.  It helped introduce me to the concerns of  what became a "Catholic" underground in a predominant "Protestant" world.  It seemed that many in my family participated in a number of events that were to impact their lives and  fortune.

It was first published in 1973 by Stein and Day/ Publishers/Scarborough House, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
The subtitle is "The Catholics under Elizabeth I".  Little did I know in 1973 [being Protestant and not meeting a Catholic until high school] that this would become part of my families' story. 

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