Friday, April 17, 2015

Mary Queen of Scots

Volumes of dialog have filled the pages of history regarding this Queen of the Scots.  She occupies a role in the history of ideas surrounding the religious beliefs of the day.  For my own family history (genealogy) she plays a significant part in one historical event called "The Babington Plot".  [One of my family members was "hanged, drawn, and quartered" as a result.]  Her story is told in many references.  A brief account is:

A biography by N. Brysson Morrison is a 254 page account of her life.  It is intended for the "general reader" with an interest in this period of time.  It was published in 1960 by The Vanguard Press, Inc., NY.  It is written by a novelist and fellow Scot.

Now a much more detailed account can be found in the following:

It is a 595 page account of the life and times of this controversial figure. [Chapter 24 is titled "The Babington Plot"]  The author, Antonia Fraser,  writes that one of her aims of the book:

 "...I wished to test for myself the truth or falsehood of the many legends which surround her name".

Published and unpublished sources, including Mary's own letters, are included.  [Primary documents indeed.]  Illustrations are given to the number of 46.  References and notes are extensive.

The book was first published in England by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1969.    Truth or falsehood, one must decide for themselves.

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