Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Information Gathering

Intrigue, murder plots, espionage, and all kinds of mysterious activities were part of my ancestors story.  Working through these events as a genealogist was quite a challenge.  [Lots of brick walls here!]

The following text gives one aspect of many issues contained in my family tree.  It is called "Her Majesty's Spymaster". 

On several levels, the Catholics and Protestants were at war with one another.  My Jones family represented those Welsh Catholics who came up on the wrong side of the fence.

The book by Stephen Budiansky presents the story surrounding the "Birth of Modern Espionage".  Published in 2005 by Plume [Penguin Group], N.Y., it is only 154 pages, and is written in a journalist style.  It is the life of Sir Francis Walsingham and his abilities to develop  methods of information gathering.  A context which is vital to understand surrounding the religious conflicts of the day.

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